Sunday, 3 February 2013

8 Tips to Invest in Gold

This time, I wanted to share information on tips for investing in gold especially in Indonesia. Along with economic growth, gold is the only precious metal that has a movement of change in the priceof the most stable compared with other economic goods.
Gold is one of the many popular forms of investment. That's because, preciousmetals are not affected by inflation. If youchoose to invest, buy gold in the form of bars or coins. But to simply collect andkeep watch at a time when difficult financial circumstances, can choose the form of jewelry. Quoted fromvarious sources, here are some tipsto invest in gold.
  1. What is Your Goal Buying Gold?
Before buying gold, firstset your goals. If you want to invest, choose gold bullion or coins, because of the relatively large intrinsic value. As for the jewelry as well assavings, it can choose the gold that has high levels. For goldjewelry, relatively higher resale value if the sheenis still very well preserved.
  1. Check Current Gold Prices
The price of gold is different every day, so you mustcheck it in the market. Open sites that specialize for this. In Indonesia there are severalsites like, or On this site you can see directly the prices of gold according to its kind. PT. Antam even announced the price of gold twice a day. Gold prices announced by PT. Antam that is the benchmarkgold price nationwide.
  1. Where to Buy Gold
Buy gold in a store that has a clear reputation. It is useful to provide a sense of security and good quality. Note also the resale price in the store, not to resale price dropped dramatically. Avoid buying gold at the same price as stated in the letter. For recommendations insured,certified, choose PT.  Antam or Pawnshop.
  1. Check Gold Physical State
In choosing gold, preferably a zoom green spotless pores. The sign of gold has not washed properly and still leave residual chemicals that can cause allergies. If you choose to buy gold in the form of jewelry, check if there are scratches well, basin or other defects. Because when you want to sell it back, this will affect the price.
  1. Ask the Gold purity levels
According to the, the international standard gold purity levels were as follows: 24 carat gold is pure gold (99.99%), 22 carat gold has a composition of 91.7% and 8.3% mixed with other substances (usually silver material), 20 carat has composition 83.3% gold, 18 carat gold has a composition of 75%, 16 carat gold has a composition of 66.6%, 14 carat gold has a composition of 58.5%, 9 carat gold has a composition of 37.5%.
  1. Keep the Good of All Forms of Letters
Upon purchase, you will get some letters such as invoices, purchase gold certificates to the memorandum. Keep all letters obtained by either, as it will be required as will be resold. If your documents are lost, you can fall in gold prices. Store in a plastic along with gold and then sealed.
  1. The True Gold store
Having gold is tantamount to store valuables orsavings. If the goldis stored in the house is not too much, use a box orpersonal safe. If gold is quite a lot (1kg bars up), it should be kept in a safety deposit box at the bank. The cost is not too expensive, and vary from one bank to another.
  1. Gold as Insurance
Take it to a pawnshop andget a guarantee, goldcan be redeemed once you have the money. In this case the better gold pawned, not sold, becauseif you buy a newgold with the same size and degree, not necessarily cost the same.

Gold investment has a bright future. Be careful when you begin in this side, make sure everything for investing.

Actually, a TV Program for Entertainment Or Commercial? (10)

This time, I am more interested in getting TV Channel complaints from loyal viewer flagship program due to commercial impressions of the ads that sponsor spends a longer duration than 1 session at the running program.
As I often look at one of the TV channels Indonesia, Trans 7, at a program "Ranking 1" having a lot of time shifting. This program was initially launched, quiz show hosted by Sarah and Ruben has a relatively short commercial break to the audience, especially I can enjoy quiz shows is happy and comfortable. However, the day, the satisfaction of watching a program is reduced because of the amount of advertising during the events occurred, and coupled with the look of a commercial break with a longer duration.
Not to mention the hidden purposeof advertising a program on the TV channel.  As happened in TransTV Investigations program. On impressions investigative expose oncounterfeit products in the market shrimp pasta, shrimp pasta comparingthe original and the fake. However, on the sidelines of the program indicated afactory worker who wears the uniform of a famous shrimp pastacompany. Besides, commercials featuring ads from the company to repeatedly reinforce the suspicion that behind the public information shall also containedveiled commercial capital of the parties. Adverse effect of this action is the reduced opportunity for small businesses to market their products in the same product type.
Loyal viewers of a TV channel may also experience boredom while watching a favoriteTV program interruptedwith advertising displaysare a major source of a TV station. Therefore need to be considered for TV service providers tobe careful with the target consumerconditions.

The Power Behind “Word of Mouth" Marketing (9)

At the time this blog entry, I will explain about the power of “word of mouth” marketing. This word is not foreign to us, we often hear that the strategy of word of mouth to be one effective way of marketing a product. the key to this strategy is the consumer.
Consumer targeting crosshairs of a product actually has a huge potential to market the product being marketed. Consumers like a virus that can spread very quickly which was originally initiated by only one person who has an extensive network, to give effect to the marketing of a product. Recommendations and marketing "word of mouth".

So when the product has a positive value will have a tremendous opportunity to recommend consumers toother consumers, and vice versa when the product was thrown into the market are considered to have a negative value, it will get negative publicity by consumers. Even the results of a research institutefor the researchshowing the negative (Negative Word of Mouth, NWOM) has a spreadrate is greater than the positive things (Positive Word of Mouth, PWOM). Based on the research results of the average consumerin a positive premisestold to 7 people, while the negative to 11 people.
In the Word of Mouth Marketingactivities, manufacturers can take advantage of the potentialcustomers to contribute to changing consumer becomespositive attitudes toward the productbeing marketed. These customers are profitable talkerswho have influence and a network large enoughto influence other consumers to be positive, try and buy the product.
By looking at the influence of the power of word of mouth marketing, the manufacturer of a productneeds to be more focus on running the Word of MouthMarketing. Making our customers talk about (do the talking), promoting (do the promotion) and sell (do the selling).
In addition the company should be able to control the pace of this marketing strategy and can also always try to give a positive impressionof the quality of products or services, so that people also talk about the positive things that can improve the marketing of their products and enhance their corporate image in the eyes of the public.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saving Face of Company by Advertising (8)

In this blog, I will discuss about maintaining "The Wall" of company by advertise. Besides as transmitter of information about the company to customers, advertising can also serve as animage-forming products. Customers will be judging from the contents of the ad. As advertisers needed aprofessional editor to evaluate a good or bad effect will be given byan advertisement.
Most of the advertisers do not want to be bound by rules that limittheir creativity in advertising a product but they also have the standard in makingan ad. Save the face of the company by providing a positive ad but often, too, the company asks advertisers tonegative ads. the company wants tobuild the issue to introduce the name of the companyto the public. Negative advertising is still to be followed by other information from advertisers who are trying to maintain the "The Wall" of the company.
Not only TV and radio media who put themselves as professionaladvertisers, but alsoother media such as magazines and newspapers. Many people make thetwo media as dailyreading, for example, there are 3.212 consumer magazines inthe UK. magazinescan reach 87%of the total adultpopulation and UKconsumers will spend£ 2.5bn onmagazines this year.  These media also find the way come into internet for expand their market ads and give more advantage to the company.